It’s amazing


Beautiful, unique gifts. Excellent customer service. Grettel is amazing. She will help you pick out the perfect item. Her wrapping is exquisite - especially for bombonniere.


I love this store! Baci had everything I needed to build a beautiful custom gift basket and Grettel was extremely helpful in putting it together for me. I even added a couple of my own items and it is a work of art! I thoroughly enjoyed the personal service and attention to detail. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!


I can't say enough positive things about this store. From the quality of the products to the truly outstanding customer service, Baci exceeds every expectation. Full disclosure, Grettel is a personal friend of ours but I can say with certainty that she goes above and beyond with every aspect of her business. We have purchased many items from Baci over the years and I guarantee you will only find unique, top quality products that are displayed and packaged beautifully. This is not the store to come to if you are looking for run of the mill items offered at stores like Walmart and Costco. However, if you want a beautiful, unique item or gift prepared with Grettel's personal touch, we highly recommend visiting Baci, you won't be disappointed!!


I ordered a bag online for a gift for my sister in Brampton. I live in London and spoke with Grettel on the phone. Grettel was amazing and offered me a first time shopper discount on the bag and delivery and was so polite and helpful. Grettel also contacted me very promptly to assist me with my order as i was ordering from London. She made my contact a fantastic customer experience. I would definitely recommend Baci Gifts to everyone. Thank you so much Grettel. !!!


I bought a few items here. Nice store. The people so friendly & helpful. They were very cautious during this Pandemic time. :)


It was a good experience shopping there. Bought 2 custom made gift baskets and both were beautifully decorated. Prices were reasonable


Dropped in to say Hi to Grettel and ended up purchasing 3 fabulous gifts !!! Everything about Baci is UNIQUE !!! The selection is AMAZING, the SERVICE is always 5 STARS, her ENERGY level and SINCERITY is really beautiful and rare to find. The best part of Baci is Grettel, her joy and excitement with every gift she wraps. She goes above and beyond to help you choose the right gift and then wraps each gift with care and class and makes sure you are happy with the presentation of your gift !!! I'm always proud to give a gift from Baci !!!! Grettel also makes beautiful gift baskets for every season and reason ! I'd recommend this great shop to anyone who needs a special gift for a loved one, or something nice for yourself too, I'm sure you will be glad you did !!! She is conveniently located Downtown Brampton minutes from Gage Park and City Hall.


The service here is outstanding. Bought a few items here last week and we really enjoyed shopping here.


Whenever I am looking for something unique and/or special, I pay a visit to BACI. Not only am I greeted with a warm smile and a big hello from Grettel and Michael, they always have time to chat. Grettel puts so much into finding the right gift for the right person and spends time showing various options with my idea in mind. She always finds the perfect gift and many times items I would never have thought of. Her gifts are unique and they are not found in every store and truly special and exude quality. After the gift has been selected Grettel's famous wrapping and presentation of the gift goes beyond normal. She makes sure it is wrapped or boxed or whatever is needed to make it stand out from all the rest. Her wrapping is one of her specialties and you feel good leaving the store with carrying something truly unique. Its a pleasure to shop at BACI!


Strapped for words to describe Baci Gifts. It's not just a gift store, it's an experience, a very rare one that you get to see these days. It is so, because the lady running the store wants it so and she is an embodiment of great energy, customer orientation and she has the best smile to compliment it all. I've never seen a person so delighted to have people come into her store (there were also Carol singers who got such a warm treatment on a cold day). She engages every visitor equally and carries the same respect for everyone regardless of whether they are potential buyers or just window shoppers. Her skills with picking the right gifts for each customer is nothing less than genius! You can hover your sight throughout the store and tell that each item is so very carefully thought of, sourced and placed exquisitely. The gift baskets are so unique that they add beauty to the gift like a wedding dress adds to the bride. The care with which she wraps the gift and adds her touch of art to the wrapping process is a treat to watch!! We went in with few minutes to spare to closing time but she did not mind at all, understood the importance of our gift to be delivered same day and stayed beyond closing time, handed over to us the wrapped/boxed gift and a simple dress that we had brought in to be wrapped had turned into a genius piece of exemplary art. And not to forget, at the end of over an hour, she still had the same lovely smile and sent us off with Christmas wishes and chocolates. Thank you Grettel, I don't think I'll get the same experience anywhere else (I never have) but here, so I'll be visiting soon, and many more times!!


If you have not been to Baci in downtown Brampton, it is a must see ! Grettel was extremely helpful in building a basket for an event I was sponsoring in the community. She went above and beyond. She is energetic, caring and helps to make your vision come alive. Baci has unique products of quality, things you cannot find every day. Beautiful store and wonderful customer service. Thank you for this experience and I'll surely be back for a visit!


Grettel was great and helped me to find the perfect Gift Basket for my clients Christmas gift. They had a very nice selection catering to any price bracket and they also offer custom baskets for any occasion.


Amazing boutique, lovely people and beautiful, unique gift baskets!!!


Beautiful, unique gifts. Excellent customer service. Grettel is amazing. She will help you pick out the perfect item. Her wrapping is exquisite - especially for bonbonniere.


A great little shop in Downtown Brampton, amazingly unique products and great service


Quaint gift shop in the heart of downtown Brampton, Great place to shop for unique gifts and art.

- MACB Fine Art

Unique, classy gifts, warm friendly service. A great place if you are looking for something different for a friend or loved one!


I always find amazing things at Baci Gifts, things I couldn't find in a mall, making everything feel so much more personal and unique. I love stopping in, even when I am not shopping for anything in particular, to enjoy the art, photos, new collections and the company of the owners.


What can I say about Baci Gifts? They are my secret santa destination every Christmas, mother's day and valentine's day. I can't imagine a better little shop.


Baci Gifts is a quaint, warm boutique in Brampton. The owner Grettel puts her heart and soul into her business. Grettel brings to Brampton wonderful treasures from around the world so that locally we can shop for the finest of gifts for others or something special for ourselves. She is truly unique and makes you feel special every time you shop. She is happy to customize your needs for great gift baskets as well, or for special occasions. Drop in and experience Baci, you will be glad you did!

- DEBBIE Brampton

Grettel was great and helped me to find the perfect Gift Basket for my clients Christmas gift. They had a very nice selection catering to any price bracket and they also offer custom baskets for any occasion.


If you are looking for unique, quality gift items then Baci Gifts is the place to go. The stylishly chic décor and the warm welcome that you receive each and every time you enter the premises is a one of a kind shopping experience. Grettel Comas has a special flair for finding the right item for you. Her enthusiasm and personal attention is why Baci Gifts is my first choice.


Baci gifts is my first stop when looking for corporate basket or a unique gift for one of the women in my life. Grettel always has new ideas and helps me get exactly what I need with lots of smiles and no pressure. I recommend their services to everyone, business and personal. I recently needed to update my passport photo. Grettel got me in right away and took a great set of well-priced photos, I recommend their services to everyone, business and personal.


@BaciGifts, is a real expert in gifts and other luxury items. I truly encourage anyone in Brampton to visit her on Queen St.

Baci Gifts is a wonderful, unique gift store situated in the heart of downtown Brampton. They carry an array of unique products which have been carefully researched and sourced from different geographical locations. Grettel goes the extra mile to ensure her customers enjoy a personalized shopping experience at Baci Gifts. Their Gift basket service delivers a beautiful gift on time, beautifully packaged and proudly stocked with the best items they can offer. Each basket with packed with a personalized touch working within your budget to guarantee your gift basket will be exactly what you are looking for.


As a customer for over seven years, Baci Gifts and Grettel herself make this shop an amazing find in downtown Brampton. Her attention to detail, excellent customer care and truly unique offerings make each visit a delight.


Baci Gifts is THE place to go in Brampton Downtown if you’re looking for beautiful and unique gifts. I always find special pieces that I wouldn’t find anywhere else but the best part of the whole shopping experience is the owner of the shop, Grettel. As soon as you walk into the store, she greets you with a beautiful smile and a big hello. She knows her products and can always help you find the most perfect gift for any occasion. Not only do you get the perfect gift but she personally gift wrap it.


Super professional, really quick response times, reasonable prices and extremely friendly. She also puts her own little touch to the wrappings!

-Krish Murugesu

Baci Gifts, located in the heart of downtown Brampton, is a quaint upscale boutique that offers unique gifts and exclusive merchandise from around the world. Grettel Comas, the store owner is very passionate about finding unique merchandise of exceptional quality from around the world as well as from local manufacturers. She is committed to providing every client with the ultimate shopping experience with her friendly and welcoming nature. Guaranteed you will leave with a smile. Stop by!