The Adventures of Posh Princess - At the Royal Palace


Inspirational book story- Calling all Princesses!

There is a new Princess in town named Posh Princess. You will surely love this fun, glamourous, and super adventurous little Princess! In this first book of the series, Posh Princess along with her friend Royal Princess Madeline, take you on a magical adventure at the Royal Palace. With the push of a pink crystal button, they are swept away to an enchanted garden, and you won't believe who they encounter!

About the Author

Carolina Cutruzzola is a devoted wife and mother of 3 amazing young children. Her two little Princesses, Alissia and Marina (a.k.a. the Butterfly Princesses), have been the major inspiration for writing this book. Carolina's passion for creative writing began as a child and has continued into her adult life. She has created the series "The Adventures of Posh Princess" with the intention to spark the imagination of young readers and inspire them to explore their adventurous side.

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