Face Mask use with Aromatherapy Oils


Because of the current pandemic situation, masks have become an essential part of our daily lives. More and more establishments are requiring masks. For someone who is not used to wearing masks, it is an inconvenient accessory to say the least.

Studies have proven that wearing masks significantly reduces our infection rate and transmission of the virus, however, they can be very uncomfortable.

This is what prompted the Warm Buddy Company to make a reusable mask that is very comfortable, effective, and made with ultra-soft fabric.

In this new reality, we have been trying to find fashionable and comfortable ways to wear masks. The addition of aromatherapy to face masks resulted in enhanced comfort, feel, and calmness.

The recommendation is putting 1 to 2 drops of our Anti-Stress Oil blend on the outer side of the mask fabric.

Wearing a face mask doesn’t have to cause discomfort.

Relieve stress and protect yourself at the same time with our Warm Buddy reusable face mask and Anti Stress Essential Oil Blend.

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